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Monthly Archives of : May, 2015

JPII Foundation Audience with Pope Francis

JPII Foundation Audience with Pope Francis

Rome/Vatican, April 25-27 2015 – Chapters of John Paul II Foundation from around the world gathered in Rome for the 1st anniversary of St. John Paul II’s canonization. The Indonesian group was represented by 11 members, including Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi, MSC, one of the advisors, Lucia Liando as the president of the Indonesian chapter […]

Dari Kanonisasi JPII ke Visitasi Lansia

Kanonisasi JPII Ke Visitasi Lansia Bina Bhakti

Roma, April 2014 – Sekelompok kecil Friends of John Paul II (JPII) Foundation Indonesia, diwakili 16 pejiarah, seorang uskup, dua orang imam dan 13 umat awam [6 di antaranya OMK], menjadi saksi hidup kanonisasi 2 paus oleh ‘dua paus’ [Paus Fransiskus dan disaksikan Paus Emeritus Benediktus XVI]. Kelompok pejiarah ini, bukan hanya menjadi ‘saksi hidup’ […]

rawaseneng retreat

Living Life Inside-Out with God

The John Paul II Youth Foundation was established on the 16th of October 1981 based on a Papal Decree from their namesake as a Non-Profit Organization oriented towards Religion, Education, and Charity. Today, the Foundation can be found in 16 countries worldwide, including Indonesia, which are known as Friends of John Paul II Foundation. As […]

Living Life Inside-Out with God

Rawaseneng Pilgrimage

Hello again my dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Here is the recount of our latest activity—besides our routine ones such as monthly mass and bible study and annual retreat—the pilgrimage trip to the peaceful Rawaseneng hermitage monastery and the legendary city of Yogyakarta, where Catholic tradition is well acculturated with the local customs. There […]