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Pelayanan Jalanan - Group Photo

Serving the Homeless : Serve and be Served

“Giving food, clothes, or money is one of the ways to show your empathy, but simply being a friend gave them confidence and dignity,” Juanitasari Winaga – A volunteer from JPII Youth for Sant’Egidio “Serving the Homeless”. My Friday night agenda on June 12th was quite different from my usual socializing or working activities. I, […]

JPII Foundation Audience with Pope Francis

JPII Foundation Audience with Pope Francis

Rome/Vatican, April 25-27 2015 – Chapters of John Paul II Foundation from around the world gathered in Rome for the 1st anniversary of St. John Paul II’s canonization. The Indonesian group was represented by 11 members, including Bishop Petrus Canisius Mandagi, MSC, one of the advisors, Lucia Liando as the president of the Indonesian chapter […]

Dari Kanonisasi JPII ke Visitasi Lansia

Kanonisasi JPII Ke Visitasi Lansia Bina Bhakti

Roma, April 2014 – Sekelompok kecil Friends of John Paul II (JPII) Foundation Indonesia, diwakili 16 pejiarah, seorang uskup, dua orang imam dan 13 umat awam [6 di antaranya OMK], menjadi saksi hidup kanonisasi 2 paus oleh ‘dua paus’ [Paus Fransiskus dan disaksikan Paus Emeritus Benediktus XVI]. Kelompok pejiarah ini, bukan hanya menjadi ‘saksi hidup’ […]