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Visit to Yayasan Kasih Bunda, Sekolah Luar Biasa

Visit to Yayasan Kasih Bunda

Visit to Yayasan Kasih Bunda, Sekolah Luar Biasa

Saturday, March 7, 2015 – It was on a sunny Sunday morning that we gathered at Central Park. Despite the last bits of sleepiness still lingering among us, we were more than ready to proceed to Yayasan Bunda Kasih, where we will be spending time with some very special friends. The children who attend the school come from various backgrounds, but with one thing in common. Each of them faces life with serious physical and mental challenges from birth.

It would be very difficult for any of us, blessed as we are, to comprehend the difficulties they encounter every day, which is why it was incredible to see upon our arrival, a room full of happy welcoming faces. We set out with one goal in mind: to bring a little joy in the lives of our less fortunate friends. We started by doing the introductions, and everyone designed their own nametags, being as creative as they can to express their personalities.

To lift up everyone’s spirits, and perhaps wake some of the sleepier participants, we had some songs prepared that we performed together, which really livened the atmosphere. It was then followed by a storytelling of the famous traditional tale of Momotaro that really brought some laughter from the children, although perhaps they were laughing mostly at the storyteller. This was followed by a hearty lunch, where we all mingled while sitting lesehan style.

After lunch, the children of Yayasan Kasih Bunda had a surprise in store for us. They performed a traditional Betawi dance. It was amazing how coordinated they were, especially considering how some of the performers suffer hearing loss. The children were very enthusiastic about singing and dancing, thus we all joined together to close this most wonderful day with a song.

We ended around 2 p.m., tired but completely satisfied. The children’s smiles were the best reward we could have hoped for, but we also learned something important. We saw the children’s spirit, how they found joy even in conditions that were perhaps beyond what we could imagine ourselves in. And to us, that is priceless.

Written by : Marco Giuberto, JPII Committee

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